Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Last Heart Beat

“One more heart that was stopped. 

Two more eyes that will never see. 

Two more hands that will never touch. 

Two more legs that will never run.” 

His heart beats its last beat. The little body is quickly sucked out of the uterus and the woman is soon free to go. A legal surgical abortion stops a beating heart. Medical death is when the heart stops beating; thus a child dies. Should abortion be legal? Is it ever justifiable? If the facts are examined and any basic form of morality or justice is observed, there is only one conclusion. Abortion is wrong, and according to scientific, moral, and American standards should be made illegal. 

Abortion should be illegal because it kills a living, innocent, being. Disregarding personal beliefs, it has been scientifically proven, that life begins at conception. Thus as a living, human, being, this new life is deserving of personhood. In fact it automatically has membership in the human race and thus ought to have basic human rights, just as any other human being. The stage of life is irrelevant, if the baby forming is indeed alive, and it is. At conception, when a new life is created, there is no longer one person involved. There is no longer one body. There are now two bodies; two people, to be considered. For this reason alone, proven by science, abortion should be made illegal.

Abortion is legally and morally wrong because the right to life, that is, the right to not be killed, undoubtedly supersedes the right of a woman to not be pregnant. Less than one percent of abortion procedures occur when the life of the mother is in jeopardy. In that case the doctor has two humans to save and must save whomever he can. In addition, to the fact that it is morally abhorrent to kill an innocent person, starting at just 8 weeks, an unborn child can feel pain. Those little cells can feel real, physical, pain. They can feel as the scissor-like tools are inserted into their head and their brains are snipped apart and sucked out through a small tube. They can feel as their limbs are torn off for extraction. After spending just one month in their mother’s womb, the child has all of its organs. Is this being still not worthy of life? To maintain basic human rights and moral decency in America, abortion must be made illegal.

Abortion must be abolished in America as it can be condemned for many of the same reasons as genocide and slavery. Anything that targets and eliminates a whole group of innocent human beings is morally abhorrent and stands deeply against American values. America stands for life, liberty, and justice for all, however the legalization of abortion makes these values impossible to uphold in our nation. How can one say his country stands for life, liberty, and justice when he refuses to extend those rights to every person, no matter what stage of life they may be in? Common words used to refer to the unborn baby are embryo, and fetus. These are indeed accurate terms as they are stages of the development of a human. However these are differences in development not differences in kind or personhood; a human fetus is still a child. The amount of children murdered is comparable to mass genocide, leaving the only just and truly American option to outlaw abortion.

Some say that in the case of dramatic unforeseen circumstances such as rape, abortion may be acceptable. They state that the woman might not be financially stable or is too young for a child. While these are indeed hard horrible circumstances and sensible claims, it does not at all change the fact that a life is at stake. To take a human life, without just cause, is murder. Since this is a living child, the hardships are irrelevant to the choice of whether a human being may live. Because both living bodies are people, they have equal rights as human beings and should have equal rights as American Citizens. For these reasons, the killing of an innocent being, even under such dire and wretched circumstances is not justifiable.

How many more innocent hearts will our nation allow to beat their last beat? An unborn child feels the pain of death. At the point of conception he is no longer a part of the mothers body, but his own person and thus entitled to his own rights. Abortion kills a living, innocent being, denies basic human rights to a person, and is equal in gruesome procedure and numerical importance to genocide. Therefore to uphold justice for all American citizens and to maintain the right to life for all individuals, regardless of age or development, abortion is never justifiable and must be deemed illegal.