Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Pursuit

Loving the Lord Ministries has put out a Summer Devotion Pursuit. This is a wonderful way to get back into daily devotions if you have been slacking in this area. It helped me get back on track last year and I am excited to be doing it again!

It's Simple! 
"~Spend at least 15 min. a day (or more!) in devotions with the Lord. Your devotions can include; prayer, Bible reading and study, etc. (Do at least 5 minutes of Bible reading during this time!)

~Memorize at least 1 Bible verse a week and recite it to your accountability partner.

~Choose and call an accountability partner at least once every two weeks to check up on daily devotions and memorizing, and to share prayer requests. If you don’t get all 15 minutes in on one day, you are allowed to make them up by the end of the week. So, at the end of the week you need to have a total of 105 minutes. You will be given 3 grace days for the summer, but try not to miss a day! Really try to get the verse done each week, but if you don’t, you are allowed to make it up the following week. You must be caught up with all of your memorization by the end of each month!

~Keep track of your time on your Summer Pursuit Chart. (Download the chart by clicking on the button above!

~E-mail us at to let us know you are taking part in the Summer Pursuit.

~You are welcome to invite friends! If someone hears about it and gets a late start, they can still participate. However, they just must make up so that they have the same time total by the end of the summer as they would have if they had started June 1st!

~We would love it if you would record a testimony of what the Lord did in your life and showed you in His Word this summer on the back of your Summer Pursuit Chart!"

This Pursuit started on June 1st but your can still participate. It has been a blessing to me so far and I hope you choose to join me on this journey! I will likely be posting little snippets about this throughout the summer.